Oil Leak Slowed, Not Stopped

BP oil has made several attempts to contain the oil that has been leaking since one of its rigs exploded, caught fire and sank, killing 11 people three weeks ago. Crews have tried putting a massive box over the main leak, but that plan failed when ice-like crystals formed inside. Meanwhile, a relief well currently being drilled will likely stop the leak but could take months to complete.

But a BP spokesperson announced on Sunday that a mile-long tube has been successfully slipped inside the larger, broken pipe that is spewing crude oil. According to an article on CTV.ca, this is the first time crews have managed to even partially control the leak since it started.

Engineers “gingerly steering deep-sea robots” managed to place the tube inside the pipe, says the article. The tube soon began siphoning off most of the oil spilling from the leak.

Still, marine science experts say the environmental impact will be immense. And local fishermen are also concerned about what BP is doing to deal with the oil already spilled – using chemicals to break the oil into small globules, allowing it to “disperse more quickly into the water or air before it comes ashore,” says the article.

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