Blockbuster View of Security

The masses are catching a glimpse of the kinds of issues cyber security professionals grapple with daily. In an article on the PC World website, Ken Gagne and Bill Brenner say the new blockbuster movie Iron Man 2, while entirely science fiction, delves into those issues pretty accurately.

“Whether you like the movie or not, at least one thing about it rings true – the plot and the characters provide a striking reflection of today’s tech security industry,” Gagne and Brenner write.

One of the movie’s major villains is, from an IT security perspective, “a symbol of today’s cybercriminals, many of whom are former Soviet computer code writers who now write malware for criminal organizations for fast cash,” they go on to write. And the debate over private vs. public security is a core conflict in the movie. The protagonist refuses to share his technology with the government, and Gagne and Brenner compare his scenario with the real world’s private sector, which cyber experts believe needs to work with government to ward off attacks like the one experienced by Google in December of 2009.

“For anyone in the security business watching the film, it’s impossible to avoid the comparisons,” says the article.

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