Beyond Storms and Volcanoes

Forces from outer space or from deep within the Earth’s core have the potential to disrupt or devastate at any time. In an article on the Ottawa Citizen website, Kate Ravilious of the Daily Telegraph lists several potential disasters in nature that emergency managers tend not to take into account.

“Volcanoes are not nature’s only trump cards,” Ravilious says. “A whole array of potential disasters could have unpredictable and alarming consequences.”

One of the disasters listed is solar weather – storms caused by variations in the sun’s magnetic field. The storms, called “coronal mass ejections, sometimes send electricity into Earth’s atmosphere. John Kappenman, the U.S. government’s principal investigator on the impact of severe solar storms, said an intense solar storm today could cause long-lasting power outages on a continental or planetary scale.

Other potential disasters are asteroid impacts (potentially devastating depending if they hit populated areas), and magnetic-field reversals that make Earth more prone to solar storms.

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