Bank Employees to Work at Home for G20

Toronto is hosting the next G20 summit, an event where representatives from 19 countries and the European Union and the International Monetary Fund and World Bank will discuss world finance. Like any other international event, this one scheduled for the weekend of June 25th is generating a flurry of security measures.

In an article on the Globe and Mail website, Richard Blackwell says some downtown Toronto banks plan to send their workers to other locations or let them telework during the summit.

“While the big banks are loath to disclose details of their plans for dealing with possible disruptions caused by tight downtown security or demonstrations that block the streets,” Blackwell writes, “some say the best bet will be to just keep their workers away.”

Don Blair, manager of corporate communications at Royal Bank of Canada, said the bank aims to have as many workers off site as possible. The Bank of Montreal has similar plans, and may reschedule or move meetings that would have been held in downtown in the days leading up to the summit, said BMO spokesman Ralph Marranca.

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