A Photocopier Never Forgets

When CBS News bought a couple of used photocopiers, it found hard drives full of data. In one machine that belonged to the Buffalo Police Department, they found everything from medical records to police records.

In an article on KTAR.com, Kavin Tripp and Bob McClay say that according to software developer John Johnson, the data stored in a copier is a “thieves’ pot of gold” if used for valuable documents… things like Social Security numbers, birth certificates, bank records and income tax forms.

Ira Winkler, a digital security experts, said copiers are “actually computers that need to be cleaned up.”

Ramon Morales, who works for Sharp Business systems, recommended using a data security kit that overwrites or “scrubs” whatever data was written by the previous user. And his colleague Dave Underwood said people should treat a copy machine “as they would a computer – complete with password.”

According to the article, people should start asking their Kinkos providers, tax preparers, doctors and dentists, “What is your information security policy and what is your policy regarding the hard drive of the copy machine?”

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