Kudos for Accurate Katrina Reporting

Members of Levees.org, a group that educates people about why New Orleans was so vulnerable in Hurricane Katrina, doesn’t blame the storm for the city’s flooding. It blames levee failure.

In an article on the New York Times website, Brian Stelter says Levees.org is praising journalists who, they say, accurately reported on what really happened in New Orleans. The group is e-mailing the writers and editors who have helped dispel the notion that post-Katrina flooding was a natural disaster.

Advocates say it is misleading to blame the storm for the devastating flooding. “Several engineering studies have affirmed that levee failure was responsible for most of the flooding, and a federal judge ruled last year that negligence by the Army Corps of Engineers was partly at fault,” Stelter writes.

Levees.org has sent 30 to 40 letters to journalists so far – those who took the time to write a few extra words, like “a system of levees failed,” that other journalists may have omitted.

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