Beware the Coffee Breach

Mobility is irresistible to businesspeople who want to show clients their spreadsheets over coffee.

In an article on the Computerworld website, Mary K. Pratt says security experts warn of increasingly vulnerable personal and professional information as employees log in at Wi-Fi hot spots.

Ryan Crum, director of information security for PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Services, said that despite the appeal of hot spots in coffee shops, people doing business need to understand it’s their responsibility to protect their data.

“All it takes is one vulnerable laptop to tarnish a whole company. All it takes is one misconfigured machine,” said Crum.

The Computerworld article offers data protection advice to companies, such as establishing and enforcing strong authentication policies and requiring employees to use a corporate VPN (virtual private network) and encryption.

To read Computerworld’s advice on data protection at hot spots, click here:

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