Take A Moment for Computer Updates

Those routine updates that take up only minutes of a user’s time are growing in both numbers and urgency. So when that friendly little note on your screen says it’s time for updates, go ahead and click. ASAP.

In an article on the PC World website, Tony Bradley says Microsoft’s “Patch Tuesday” for the month of April coincided with quarterly security updates from Adobe that addressed 40 vulnerabilities, “many of them rated as critical and exposing systems to potential remote exploits.”

The Microsoft patches are for “critical bugs” in Windows Media Player and Direct Show, bugs that lend themselves to online video malware. Apple recently patched Quicktime, says the article, another indication of how attackers are targeting victims through video.

As for the Adobe patches, they too are critical, given the increase in Adobe PDF files being attacked. “All users are strongly urged to upgrade immediately,” said Andrew Storms, director of security operations for nCircle.

Oracle, too, has released several of its own updates, even more than Microsoft and Adobe combined.

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