U.S. Needs To CyberFight, Not CyberDeter

Experts say the U.S. needs to move away from deterrence in its fight against cyber attacks. Cyberwarfare is largely offensive, so experts are calling for the historical posture of traditional warfare to address these futuristic threats.

According to a press release on the EurekAlert website, Cold War strategies to cyberwafare challenges may not work for the United States. A newly published paper by a University of Cincinnati professor and colleagues further concludes that deterrence will not work as the primary national cybersecurity strategy.

Lt. General Keith Al Alexander, too, in testimony before the U.S. Congress earlier this month, said cyberwarfare warrants a different approach than the Cold War “deterrence” strategy.

The press release cites an article in the Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management that says dealing with cyberaggression requires a more traditional model of warfighting, namely “the traditional offense-defense framework that has defined war strategy throughout much of history.”

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