Earthquake Survival More Likely In Cement Schools

At Yushu No. 3 Elementary School, 80 percent of the single-story classrooms collapsed in last week’s earthquake. As of April 15th, rescuers had recovered 67 bodies of the 200 students buried there, and a front-line worker said not a single first-grade student had yet been found.

In an article on the Epoch Times website, Jiang Bin & Nin Jin say the poor quality of recent architectural undertakings is being blamed for widespread collapses of schools during the quake.

At the Yushu County National Technical School, dorms of female students collapsed as 400 students slept. As of April 16th, no survivors had been found. A report by Phoenix Television quoted a rescue worker as saying the structure was of mixed brick, and that when the three-storey building crashed down, it leveled to less than the height of a single-story building that was very difficult for rescuers to enter.

That’s in contrast with a school 20 minutes away that did not collapse and where no one died in the quake. That school was built of sturdy cement.

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