Cloud Has Seen Sunnier Days

A data standard being developed by the Cloud Security Alliance would, if enacted, expose data in a common format and help customers to understand security matters affecting them. Such a standard has yet to see the light.

In an article on the Computerworld website, Patrick Thibodeau says “frustration” is the word that is most prominent in an increasing number of discussions about the cloud, particularly at the SaaScon 2010 conference held April 6-7 in Santa Clara, California.

The ability to rapidly scale and provision servers is mainly what is driving growth of cloud-based services, but contracts with vendors “may be anything but flexible,” says the article. Thibodeau gives the example of Keith Waldorf, vice president of operations at e-prescription service Doctor Dispense LLC, who was once a client of a service provider that upgraded its offerings. Waldorf never had a chance to take advantage of the upgrade because he was locked into his service-level agreement and could use only the software and hardware he had initially signed up for.

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