Congress Needs Cyber-Education

You can’t fix something when you don’t understand the problem. Frank Wolf was understandably frustrated when, according to him, government security personnel urged him to keep quiet about an attack by the Chinese on his computer.

In an article on, Patrick O’Connor says the cybersecurity program within Congress “ranges from foreign governments stealing information off BlackBerrys to unwitting aides e-mailing sensitive information from their secure office computers to more vulnerable terminals at home.”

Travelling overseas has become a real concern for anyone using their laptop or BlackBerry on a foreign government’s wireless network. That’s fine, says the article, but Congress tech staff should review the devices afterwards.

The common practice of aides e-mailing documents to their home computers to work on at night is ever more frustrating because resulting security breaches have been largely forgotten. Experts agree that complacency, as well as a lack of education and communication on cyber issues among members of Congress, are key to the problem.

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