Middle East Vulnerable to Hackers

The Middle East, a region with a reputation for wealth, may become a favorite target for fraudsters and hackers as the population goes increasingly online and mobile, experts fear.

In an article on itp.net, Vineetha Menon says users of online banking services are particularly at risk according to Chris Johnson, EMEA vice president at RSA, The Security Division of EMC.

“Growing adoption of web services along with a sense of trust and security, fostered by low crime rates in the Middle East, is leaving people in the region vulnerable to cyber-attacks,” Menon writes.

Middle Easterners are accustomed to a sense of physical security thanks to low crime rates, but this could lead to a false sense of cybersecurity. Fraud and electronic crime in the Middle East, according to the article, lags behind the United Kingdom and United States by nine to 12 months.

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