More Water Treatment Plants Need Chemical Security

Government agencies have warned of the potential for terrorists to use industrial chemicals as pre-positioned weapons. Standards that address the threat, namely the temporary Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS), exempt water utilities from having to switch to safer chemicals and processes.

An article on the Environmental Protection magazine website cites a new survey by the Center for American Progress, which says 554 drinking water and wastewater plants in 47 states have replaced chlorine gas, and other extremely hazardous substances, with safer and more secure alternatives. But “at least 2,600 additional water and wastewater facilities still use large amounts of chlorine gas,” says the article.

Utilities may avoid using chlorine gas with the safer liquid chlorine bleach. Drinking water utilities in 160 large U.S. cities have made the switch, and about two-thirds of wastewater plants in the U.S. are now disinfecting water with substances other than chlorine gas, says the article.

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