How to Protect Your Smartphone

RIM’s BlackBerry has several built-in security features to protect the sensitive information so much of the industrialized world now stores on those tiny devices. But the service provider can’t help users who fail to take a few moments to set up these features. Using smartphones irresponsibly can leave all of that private data in the hands of hackers.

In an article on, Al Sacco says smartphone owners need to do their part to secure sensitive information, whether they are corporate BlackBerry users on a BES or BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) customers. Sacco lists five easy security safeguards anyone can manage, and explains in detail how to set up each one.

The article says users must, as a first step, enable password protection, because “there’s little an average perpetrator can do with a locked-down BlackBerry, besides erase its contents,” Sacco writes. Next on his list of security measures are “Encrypting BlackBerry Device Data,” “Locking down BlackBerry Bluetooth Security.”

For users who can’t resist the convenience of storing their passwords, payment card information and other login data on their BlackBerry, Sacco’s fourth tip – “Protect Passwords and Other Sensitive On-Device Data” – explains the right and wrong ways of doing that. RIM has a built-in “Password Keeper” app that makes it very difficult for hackers, provided that the master password to get into it is difficult to guess.

Finally, the fifth tip “Parting With Your Device? Make Sure It’s Wiped” addresses what to do if the device is misplaced or stolen.

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