Should Security Reside in the Cloud?

To serve businesses that increasingly adopt software-as-a-service, hosting providers are teaming up with security vendors to offer security-as-a-service as part of the package.

Some security firms, for example, provide intrusion detection and prevention services to protect virtual-machine-based servers on the customer’s behalf, at cloud service providers. Some trigger an automated response in the company’s firewall if they detect a problem.

In an article on, Ellen Messmer of Network World says that less than 15% of respondents in a survey by TheInfoPro are likely to use cloud-based security services in their cloud computing environments. The semi-annual survey reached information security professionals at large and midsize firms in North America.

“Enterprise security professionals are still nervous about something largely unfamiliar that doesn’t sit on their premises and isn’t under their direct control,” Messmer writes, “or even under the direct control of the cloud-computing provider they use, since the security service is controlled by a third-party vendor with security expertise.”

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