150 New Scanners in Airports by June

Some security experts believe that a full-body scanner would have prevented the Christmas Day attempt to bomb a Detroit airliner, by detecting explosives in the suspect’s underwear.

The Obama administration has purchased 150 advanced imaging technology full-body scanners, to be installed in airports by the end of June. In an article on the Sun Times website, Mary Wisniewski says O’Hare airport is receiving its first full-body scanner this week in Terminal One.

Before the airport starts using the machine, it will need a couple of weeks to install the scanner and train staff, the article says. The next airport to receive scanners will be Boston’s Logan International Airport. O’Hare and Logan were first on the list based on their risk and their ability to install the machines and provide screeners to run them, a Homeland Security official said.

Full-body scanners have raised some concerns about privacy because they show detailed images of people’s bodies and have been called a “virtual strip search.” Prior to Obama’s purchase of these 150 new scanners, 40 full-body scanners have already been operating in 19 airports across the country.

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