Worst CyberScenario Game Not Fun

Former White House advisors and other top officials played a cyber war game last week to highlight how the nation might cope with a crippling attack on its digital infrastructure.

In an article on the Los Angeles Times website, Bob Drogin says the three-hour Cyber Shockwave exercise at the National Security Council demonstrated that the government is in “uncharted territory” when it comes to protection from an attack on the grid. The Obama government has pledged commitment to cybersecurity and released a draft plan, however the worst-case scenario presented “would almost certainly overwhelm the administration’s proposed cyber defenses,” Drogin writes.

“Malicious cyber activity is occurring on an unprecedented scale with extraordinary sophistication,” Dennis C. Blair, the director of national intelligence warned the Senate Intelligence Committee this month.

The simulated crisis involved spyware, downloaded by college basketball fans, that disabled 60 million cellphones, left the nation without electricity, crashed the Internet and collapsed finance and commerce.

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