Google Attacks Traced to University in China

The recent attacks on Google and other American companies in 2009 have been traced to a university in China that is being compared to Ivy League schools.

In an article on the New York Times website, David Barboza says Shanghai Jiaotong University is “so rich in science and engineering talent” that the research park adjacent to the school now houses Microsoft and Intel.

“But Jiaotong, whose sprawling campus here has more than 33,000 students,” Barboza writes, “is facing an unpleasant question: is it a base for sophisticated computer hackers?”

Investigators claim to have tracked the Google hacking to computers at Jiaotong and to an obscure vocational school in eastern China, says the article. But security experts warn this is not confirmed, and might actually be a “false flag” or decoy of sorts, intended to throw investigators off track.

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