72-hour Preparedness...
.Is your family prepared for a major disaster? The premium family kit has basics needed by a family of 4 for 3 days. Kit includes long shelf life food & water as well as supplies for medical, sanitation, lighting, warmth, communications and more. Click HERE>>

Publisher Kathy Rainey,
“Our hearts are deeply saddened by the enormous losses suffered in Japan over the past several days. We pray for those involved in response and recovery. And, we ask, ‘What can we do to help?’” Many relief organizations are already at work Click HERE>>

  • Calling All Experts:
    Test Your Crisis Management Skills with BC24. This is a groundbreaking online incident simulation game for teams of 6 players to test their crisis management skills and compete with organizations across the world. BC24 will go live Mar. 16. Click HERE>>
  • Google Scrambles to Recover from DroidDream Android Attack
    Don’t let your business or personal information fall into the wrong hands. Solutions are on their way to help protect you and your business from disaster. Click HERE>>
  • No More Emergency Oxygen in Airplane Lavatories
    How does this new FAA directive affect business and personal travelers, and does it put you at risk? To learn more about this ruling and what it could mean to you, Click HERE>>
  • Simple, Stress-Free Security for Small Businesses
    Eliminate costly business shutdowns as a result of online security attacks by hackers and viruses. Learn about what you can do to prevent such crippling events. Click HERE>>
  • Public Increasingly Turning to the Web in Times of Crisis
    For quick and current information about disaster news, the public is increasingly turning to the Internet as its primary news source. Why is this important? Click HERE>>
  • Could a $30 GPS Jammer Paralyze U.S. Cities?
    While some security experts say the potential for disaster is possible, it’s not likely. Find out how a GPS Jammer could possibly affect your business and day-to-day life. Click HERE>>
  • How to Make Public and Private Clouds Secure
    What controls can you put in place to restrict data loss? Here are some tips on how your “cloud” can be protected against possible attack and intellectual property theft. Click HERE>>

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BC Awareness Week: Mar. 21-25 BCAW will provide opportunities to learn and engage with experts from around the world. 30+ webcast programs, a new LinkedIn Forum, recently published research, two exciting roundtables and much more. Click HERE>>

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YOU can HELP the people in your organization prepare. The Survival Kit I supplies basic necessities for the first 72 critical hours after a disaster. It provides single person essentials in a compact, durable pack. BUY NOW! Click HERE>>

Business continuity & COOP professionals rely on CPM to reinforce resiliency plans in turmoil and business disruption. Leading experts share hard learned lessons and advice to keep your business adaptive, resilient and prepared to deal with change. Click HERE>>

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DataChambers CEO Named a “Triad Top Catalyst Entrepreneur”
DataChambers’ CEO Nicholas Kottyan has been named a “Triad Top Catalyst Entrepreneur” by Business Leader magazine. DataChambers is a full-service information technology and managed services provider specializing in electronic data storage, 24×7 managed information technology solutions, secure co-location services for mission-critical information technology infrastructure, secure tape vaulting, and offsite records storage and management. Click HERE>>

DHS Systems Unveils Solution for Homeland Reponse Forces
DHS Systems LLC has unveiled a new mobile consequence management system designed for the recently-established Homeland Response Force. DHS Systems’ consequence management system utilizes Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter (DRASH) technology that has been trusted as part of the U.S. Army’s Standard Integrated Command Post System to create a workspace capable of supporting numerous operations that may be needed during an emergency. Click HERE>>

Paradigm Awarded $49M Blanket Purchase Agreement for DOD-wide DR Softw. Solutions
Rockville, MD – Paradigm Holdings, Inc., a provider of comprehensive information technology and cyber security solutions for Federal Government enterprises, announced recently that it has been awarded a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for a DOD-wide Enterprise Software Agreement to provide Disaster Recovery Software Solutions. This BPA is open to all Department of Defense (DOD) Components. Click HERE>>

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