‘Too Friendly’ Threatens Business

Companies all over the developed world are facing the same dilemma: they can’t seem to do without the benefits of blogging, Twitter and Facebook but also can’t seem to control the slew of potential security breaches they present.

In an article on ZDNet Asia, Liau Yun Qing reports that a “huge number of users” of social media tools and a “high-level of trust” among them are a dangerous combination for cybercrime. ZDNet Asia spoke to industry experts who listed five top security threats to businesses.

The first threat mentioned was Malware. Ronnie Ng, senior manager of systems engineering at Symantec Singapore, cautioned against things like fake Twitter invitations and other seemingly friendly messages designed to point users to download malware. Another cyber-expert, Vincent Goh of RSA Southeast Asia, warned that wildfire infections will dramatically increase because social networking sites allow them to hijack legitimate sites or send harmful spam to a victim and to everyone on his or her “friends” list.

The other threats to business, according to the article, are new forms of Spam, whereby a sender’s account is hijacked along with everyone connected to that sender; employees who unwittingly become the point of breach for targeted attacks on the company by sharing too much information online; phishing attacks in the form of fake messages to Facebook or e-mail inbox; and human error.

Rather than disable access to social networking sites, says the article, companies would be well advised to educate employees about these security threats and implement “a comprehensive access and data control strategy to prevent data loss.”

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