Practice Safe Clicking

An Internet housekeeping effort in the U.S. urges individual computer users to help clean up the mess of spam, which accounted for 87% of all e-mail sent in August according to a recent report.

In an article on the BBC News website, Silicon Valley reporter Maggie Shiels says cyber attacks are getting personal. Rather than send wide-sweeping ‘phishing’ e-mails to masses of people, she writes, they are instead opting for a targeted recipient, such as a company’s system administrator.

So think before opening e-mail. Cybercriminals have ample access to people’s personal information via Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and other social media, which makes it easier for them to tailor spam to individuals and make it look like a legitimate, personal message.

Ways to “clean up” include keeping operating systems up to date with the latest security, unsubscribing from legitimate mailings you no longer want, and typing web addresses directly into a browser rather than clicking on links within an e-mail message.

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