Top Jobs For Cyber Whiz Kids

Would-be hackers in the UK have good reason to consider redirecting their talents to legitimate jobs as cyber security top guns.

In an article on The Times website, Mike Harvey says a British version of the US Cyber Challenge is planned for next year, with backing from the SANS Institute. The US initiative earlier this year set out to find 10,000 of America’s computer whiz-kids for top internet security jobs.

Lord West, Britain’s Security Minister, has said the country needs “youngsters who are deep into this stuff” to fight e-crime, which costs Britain an estimated several billion pounds a year.

Job hopefuls will be asked to extract computer passwords, capture websites or fight off attackers in a series of virtual games. Those recruited could some day earn six-figure salaries protecting the intellectual property and business continuity of government, the security services or leading corporations.

Michael Coppola, a 17-year-old student from Connecticut, won the first contest in the US Cyber Challenge and gained extra credit for breaking into the contest scoring system and awarding himself 10,000 points, Harvey writes.

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