One-Person Ambulances Speed Up Response

It takes ambulances in the city of Ottawa, Canada an average of 12 minutes and 47 seconds to respond to life-threatening calls. The paramedic service wants that response time to improve.

According to an article on, a fleet of one-person ambulances or “zoom cars” is expected to make a difference. Equipped with everything from oxygen to defibrillators and life-saving drugs, each zoom car is operated by a single paramedic, who drives the vehicle then treats patients until an ambulance can arrive.

Anthony Di Monte, chief of the Ottawa Paramedic Service, told the current ambulance response time is subpar. “It’s not good enough for me, personally, and it’s not good enough for our patients,” he said. “We have to get better.”

Zoom cars used in a pilot project last year successfully improved response times to emergency calls, sometimes arriving on a scene up to five minutes before the ambulance.

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