Government Wants Intelligence Tips

Constant pressure by the U.S. has managed to confine al-Qaeda geographically, it would seem. But the Department of Homeland Security says despite that the group’s leaders have been caught, killed, or financially blocked and traced, they are adapting to U.S. efforts.

In an article on the Bloomberg website, Jonathan D. Salant and Jeff Bliss report that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano believes individuals with al-Qaeda-type beliefs are residing in the United States. And she says the leaders are using affiliated groups in northern Africa and other regions to help plan attacks.

Napolitano told Bloomberg reporters that intelligence tips on terror suspects are more important than a system to track visitors leaving the country, and that better border enforcement will support the need for immigration legislation. The U.S. is improving intelligence and adding patrol agents to its borders for better enforcement, particularly in the Southwest.

The Homeland Security Secretary also addressed the issue of computer threats. While larger banks and brokerages are well equipped to share cyber-security information amongst themselves, she said, “We want to make sure that medium-, small-size local financial institutions are properly looped in and that they have a point of contact in the Department of Homeland Security either to report intrusions or prevent intrusions.”

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