Man Takes Credit for Altering Typhoon’s Path

Altering weather patterns has, so far, been limited to the workings of Lex Luthor and other cartoon and science fiction characters. But an Australian man living in China claims a machine made by his company is what saved the citizens of North Luzon, in the Philippines, from tropical storm Ramil last week.

An article on the Manila Bulletin website says Filipino and Australian weather experts are laughing off the claim, which came to them in an e-mail message. Wayne Cross, who says he is chairman of a weather control company called “The Art of Rain Pty. Ltd.,” wrote to weather officials on October 18th. His e-mail offered the services of his company’s “weather control device,” which he said can weaken, stir, or make powerful typhoons dissipate over seas before they can harm a country.

“So far we have kept [the tropical storm] off track as previously forecast and projected full on into the Philippines,” Cross wrote. He gave credit to his weather engineers and evolving technology for the typhoon’s change of course, which Nathaniel Cruz, PAGASA Deputy Director of PAGASA, attributed to global warming.

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