Auditors Want Plutonium Lab Quake-Proofed

Every so often, give or take a thousand years, a major earthquake strikes the Los Alamos, New Mexico area. The next one could be catastrophic according to a study by the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board.

In an article on the Los Angeles Times website, Ralph Vartabedian cites the report as saying a major earthquake could cause the 30-year-old plutonium complex in the Los Alamos National Laboratory to topple plutonium-handling equipment and possibly start a fire. Air filtering systems could also be crippled by the quake, causing a plutonium leak at levels at least 100 times greater than considered safe.

The complex, owned by the National Nuclear Security Administration, is used for both plutonium-related research and manufacturing nuclear weapon components. The safety board recommends that the Administration take immediate steps to reduce the risk.

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