Border Security Not Just Red Tape

An estimated $1.7 billion-a-day. That’s how much money is generated every day by Americans who visit Canada and Canadians who visit the US. Since the 9/11 attacks crossing the border has been slower, to the ongoing frustration of business groups in both countries.

But John T. Morton, who heads U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, maintains that increasingly stringent security measures at the border are necessary. In an article on the National Post website, Mike Blanchfield says Morton met with his Canadian counterparts in Ottawa last week. Morton stressed that the US is concerned not only about terrorist threats, but about sophisticated organized crime groups that pose a danger to both Canada and the US.

“It’s not like we’re about red tape for the sake of red tape,” Morton said. This week he travels to Detroit to meet with participants in the new Border Enforcement Security Task Force (BEST), which has worked successfully in Buffalo, N.Y. and Blaine, Wash.

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