Worm Gives Pop Star New Fame

After July’s demonstration by researchers on how a hacker could take advantage of the smartphone’s vulnerability, Apple immediately patched the flaw. But now a real-world worm has targeted iPhones in Australia.

In an article on the Forbes website, Andy Greenberg says the worm is designed to change the wallpaper on a user’s iPhone to the face of 80s pop star Rick Astley, along with a message saying “ikee is never gonna give you up.” Researchers at Sophos and F-Secure, two cybersecurity firms, detected the worm over the weekend.

The worm is not particularly malicious, but the source has written in the code that “People are stupid, and this is to prove it so,” Greenberg reports. The source code further warns smartphone users to read their manuals and hints that they should be more careful about protecting their banking information.

F-secure researcher Mikko Hyppönen said this “ikee code” serves as a warning of more sinister worms to come.

“They might have nastier payloads than just changing your wallpaper or might try password cracking to gain access to devices where the default password has been changed,” he said.

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