Cyber Threats from All Angles

The U.S. Government Accountability Office has again examined the nation’s security systems, and the news isn’t good. The report found only “opportunities for attackers to disrupt telecommunications, electrical power, and other critical services.”

In an article on the Network World website, Michael Cooney lists the six greatest threats to U.S. cybersecurity according to the GAO report: foreign nations, criminal groups, hackers, hacktivists (politically motivated attackers on publicly accessible Web pages or e-mail servers), disgruntled insiders, and terrorists.

Cooney further cites the GAO report:

“As government, private sector, and personal activities continue to move to networked operations, as digital systems add ever more capabilities, as wireless systems become more ubiquitous, and as the design, manufacture, and service of information technology have moved overseas, the threat will continue to grow.”

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