Cargo a Security Weak Spot

Airlines need to do a better job of training and screening their cargo handlers, according to government inspectors who have successfully slipped into and walked around in cargo warehouses that were supposed to be secure.

In an article on the USA Today website, Thomas Frank says a report by Inspector General Richard Skinner at the Department of Homeland Security cites repeated problems with the Transportation Security Administration’s program to keep bombs out of airplane cargo. Congress wants airlines and freight-handling companies to tighten security of not only passengers and luggage, but boxed cargo. Skinner said the TSA “has not been effective” in ensuring compliance.

Published with the report is a list of six recommendations, including improved employee training.

“Unlike luggage,” Frank writes, “airplane cargo is not screened by the TSA. The agency oversees airlines, freight handlers and manufacturers who pack and transport cargo, and ensure its security.” But the report shows the TSA does not have the personnel capacity to handle new rules for screening cargo.

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