Ethics and Security Compromised in Recession

A survey by Cyber-Ark says many office workers are willing to break the rules by stealing sensitive data from their employers, particularly since the financial market started to decline.

In an article on the eWeek Europe website, Sophie Curtis says the survey of 600 office workers in London and New York found that “more than two in five admit to taking sensitive data with them to a new employer when they leave a job.”

A quarter of respondents said they would steal company information regardless of the illegalities. Asked why, 26 percent said they wanted to help friends or family members get a job; 52 percent said “just in case” it might prove useful later on; 28 percent would use the data to negotiate their new position; and 28 percent would use it as a tool in their new job.

“Many workers are willing to do practically anything to ensure job security or make themselves more marketable,” said Adam Bosnian, vice president of products and strategy at Cyber-Ark, “including committing a crime.”

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