Think You’re Insured?

Your homeowners’ insurance probably won’t help you if the diamond pops out of your ring at the zoo. Your liability insurance may not be enough for how much your neighbor could sue you for. And what if someone steals your identity?

In an article on the Chicago Tribune website, Lew Sichelman lists some of the lesser-known types of insurance that take over where common policies leave off. The article also sheds light on insurance facts agents often neglect to reveal.

Twenty-five percent of all flood claims, for example, happen in moderate- to low-risk areas, not in major flood zones where coverage is mandatory. Insurance companies have very different considerations for your stolen property if you operate a home-based business. And your homeowner’s insurance does little good if you rent out your house, or if you leave it vacant and empty for a certain length of time.

Some of the extra types of coverage mentioned in Sichelman’s article include Umbrella Insurance, Tenant’s Insurance, and a timely and inexpensive ID Fraud Rider that can save an ID theft victim lost wages and legal fees.

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