Microsoft Building a Private Cloud

At a recent Xconomy forum on cloud computing in Cambridge, Mass., Hasan Alkhatib, the senior architect for Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computer platform being launched New Year’s Day, said, “Every customer says ‘where can we get a private cloud?’… We’re building them.”

In an article on the NetworkWorld website, Jon Brodkin says Microsoft plans to unveil a new security structure for multi-tenant cloud environments, and software based on the same technology, later in 2010.

But private clouds raise new security issues, which Microsoft is addressing with a security project code-named “Sydney,” which was the focus of Alkhatib’s talk, Brodkin writes.

Network virtualization through Sydney will provide isolation between customers’ cloud resources. The project aims to ensure secure connections between an enterprise’s internal data center equipment and what it uses in the cloud, says the article.

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