Smart Grids Vulnerable

Smart-grid networks are expanding to include two-way electricity and real-time energy pricing information. And while this more sophisticated network promises to save consumers energy and help energy companies combat fraud, it could present new opportunities for hacking and data theft.

A press release on says Ann Whyte, a spokeswoman for Defense Support Services LLC (DS2) urges energy suppliers to adopt new power-line communications technology to protect grids from cyberattacks. Suppliers plan to install electricity smart meters in every home by 2020, which Whyte says could leave consumers vulnerable.

“One of the key elements of the future smart-grid networks will be increased communication between smart meters and other energy-using devices,” says the press release. “However, any vulnerability in the smart grid could have an impact on that utility’s energy distribution grid, which could result in power cuts, and could be used by hackers and fraudsters to gain access to consumers’ private personal information.”

DS2 aims to tackle the threat with its power-line communications and state-of-the-art security standards, which are currently in the works.

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