25% Off on CERT Kits -- One-week Only.
Prepare your corporation, your community – your family with Emergency Lifeline's Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) kits which have essential items for the 1st 72 hours. Discount is good through August 10th. For more information,
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The GUIDE Announces New Video Experts Feature
This week, Regina Phelps discusses the most important question to keep in mind when designing an exercise and explains why tabletop exercises fail. Have you overlooked something when developing an exercise? To find out, Click HERE>>

  • Disaster Recovery Journal website to offer Disaster Resource GUIDE vendor directory!
    DRJ has, for over 20 years, produced the leading DR and BC conferences, with over 3,000 attendees at their two annual events, and also publishes the quarterly Disaster Recovery Journal. Would you like to feature your company in this new directory? Click HERE>> for details today!
  • Incident Response and Recovery May Be the Best Defense
    Don't spend a large amount of resources on cybersecurity response and recovery. Instead, be prepared by assessing risk and implementing effective safeguards. Click HERE>>
  • Railroad and Westport Area Officials Discuss Slow Response to Stranded Train
    Town officials identify areas of improvement in their emergency response procedures after inadequately responding to a potentially deadly train crisis. Click HERE>>
  • Ten Technology Tools for Small Business Owners
    These technology tools will not only help your small business maintain a secure and profitable business environment, but also help you prepare for potential disasters. Click HERE>>
  • How to Be "Red Cross Ready": Lessons Learned From the Japan Disaster
    With private and government organizations increasingly preparing for potential disasters, the Red Cross urges more businesses to get prepared for eventual crises. Click HERE>>
  • Businesses Play Key Role in Thwarting Terror
    Businesses continue to help federal and local law enforcement stop potential disaster by reporting suspicious activity. Find out why the FBI wants YOUR help! Click HERE>>
  • Scientists to Simulate Earthquake Using Five-Story Building in Japan
    Landmark earthquake research will be underway soon to help set new regulations for power plants and other critical structures. Click HERE>>

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TAMP Systems
provides BCM web-based software and consulting services. TAMP's software provides automation for BCM, and its consulting services include the development of BIAs and resulting plans. TAMP is a DRII Certified BC Vendor (CBCV). Click HERE>>

Mass Notification System RFP Template Available
Twenty First Century Communications offers an RFP template designed to help solicit responses from vendors, evaluate responses, and select the appropriate vendor for your mass notification system. Click HERE>>

Register for DRI 2012!
Registration now open for DRI 2012: The Certified Professionals Conference, May 20-23, in New Orleans. If you're a certified professional (or thinking about becoming one), you're invited! Click HERE>> to register or for information.

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SunGard Outlines 5 Steps to Take in BC Planning to Protect Your Brand
In today's business environment where many customers expect 24/7 availability to corporate information assets, BC planning has become one of the pillars of maintaining a solid brand reputation. How an organization plans for and responds to disruptions can have a major impact on its perceived reliability. SunGard Availability Services has outlined five steps that organizations can take to bolster business continuity plans to help protect their brands. Click HERE>>

California Emergency Management Agency (CAL-EMA) Training Resources
CAL-EMA's Training Division provides support to the First Responder community of California by providing training referrals, the coordinated delivery of training and training materials, partnerships with federal, state and local training providers. The Training Division will ensure the most comprehensive access to training courses which enhance the capability to accomplish the critical mission areas of Prevent, Protect, Respond, Mitigate and Recover. Click HERE>>

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