US to Issue Terror Alerts Via Facebook, Twitter

US Homeland Security will soon use both Facebook and Twitter to issue alerts from the recently announced “elevated” and “imminent” terror warning system. According to Associated Press writer Eileen Sullivan, who obtained the government’s confidential 19-page plan dated April 1, some warnings might be withheld if announcing them would expose an intelligence operation or ongoing investigation.

The new terror warnings, which will roll out by April 27, will also be delivered with an expiration date. The Homeland Security document obtained by the AP describes the sequence of warning notification: members of Congress, then counterterrorism officials in states and cities, then governors and mayors, and the public. The new terror alerts will be published online using Facebook and Twitter “when appropriate,” the plan detailed, but not before federal, state and local leaders have been notified.

An “elevated” alert would warn of a “credible threat against the U.S.,” while an “imminent” alert would warn of a “credit, specific, and impending terrorist threat or an ongoing attack against the U.S.

The plan has not been finalized yet, and Homeland Security sources plan to work with their partners to agree on a terror warning plan that “meets everyone’s needs.”

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