Crisis Scenario: What to Do When Facing a Gunman

Picture this scenario: a man with a handgun is intent on getting to his hospitalized girlfriend, shooting anyone who gets in his way. A few people are down — a security guard, a nurse, a doctor and some patients. The gunman has also just grabbed a hostage, his ex-girlfriend.

Of course this scenario is only an example of what could happen. This type of event might take place in any number of locations: the grocery store, the mall, or even your own home. According to, for an “Active Shooter” scenario to arise, all it takes is one person having a bad day and wanting to strike out at the world.

Hospitals and other public places practice against just such happenings, usually through exercises and training classes. However, even with adequate preparation and training, individuals might still panic, which could lead to injury or even death. And while most likely you will be told to get behind closed doors and stay down, is that really the best thing to do in this kind of situation?

Not according to some law enforcement officials. Their advice? Get away, preferably outdoors, to get out of the gunman’s path. Whether knocking out a first floor window to escape or moving unseen outside, finding an escape route could mean the different between life or death.

Most importantly, according to this blog report, in any emergency situation if you are given advice by law enforcement officials, you should follow it. Following this approach will more than likely keep you alive, or at the very least keep you out of imminent danger.

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