Seven Steps to Managing a Security Breach

In today’s business environment, the chances of your company having some type of crisis, particularly regarding information security and data loss, is high. And according to, information is the new currency of the 21st Century. Intellectual property, customer databases, patient records, facility blueprints, etc., are extremely valuable. So what should a business do when confronted with costly disruptions, including security breaches? Here are seven suggestions from MarketingProfs.

1. Expect a crisis event. In other words, prepare like an event is going to happen and it is only a question of when.

2. Have your communication plan in place. In this way, you don’t have to spend precious time, a commodity in a crisis, trying to come up with a response. This includes what you will do in a given instance and who will be a part of the team that responds to the crisis.

3. Once an event takes place, acknowledge it immediately. Don’t wait. Today, local news can soon become national or even international news. Trying to hide a compromising event from shareholders and the customers will only make the repercussions that much greater in the long run.

4. Be the ones to break the news. Instead of being in the news with no control over the information decimated to the public, be in control of making sure correct and timely information is released by being the one to break that news.

5. Use social media. Use social media, such as Twitter, to your advantage. Be in control of what is released by being the first to step forward with what has happened.

6. Accountability. Being open, transparent and honest about a situation is key in a crisis situation. Even if you do not have all the information on a situation, be accountable and try to give timelines and a series of steps on what your next actions will be. The more open you are about a crisis the more sympathetic the public will be toward your situation. Ultimately, it will be your company they will hold responsible for a given crisis, and if you build that reputation of openness, honesty and transparency from the start, then it will go a lot easier for you.

7. Fix the problem. By letting those affected by a situation know what you plan to do to fix the situation and then fixing it quickly, you set yourself up to be a trustworthy business that cares about customers. Figure out the best solution to the problem ahead of time, even if you won’t be able to accomplish that fix right away.

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