How to Assess Mobile Security Risk

Assessing the risk of current and new mobile devices within your company is critical. Being educated beforehand can help you protect your sensitive data. To begin with, ask yourself and your employees open-ended questions about such areas, including:

1. Data Access: What exactly are your employees able to access? If the data is sensitive, such as financial information, then care must be taken that it is not inadvertently sent through unsecure channels, such as employee e-mails. Assess what the mobile devices your employees carry around are actually able to retrieve to even determine if there is a security issue. Most employees can’t even access this type of information to begin with.

2. Compromising of Devices: Focusing on protecting sensitive data at the front end is most critical. It is important to avoid infection, but keeping your data safe through pass codes and being vigilant about guarding against device theft should be your primary focus initially. And while you can’t foresee what the next big threat against mobile security might be, making sure you have as many options available to provide security for your mobile device is a step in protecting against both known and unknown threats.

3. Possible New Threats: Effectively evaluating new devices, operating systems, firmware, and applications is important in protecting the security of any current devices you might have. Knowing how a device will affect your network is important to the security of your sensitive data. Also, having a program to delete such information from old devices will go towards protecting your data from outside threats as those devices are lost, stolen, or traded in.

4. Personal Responsibility: Mobile device users must take personal responsibility for their own activity. They need to be up to date on the latest risks associated with operating a mobile device. Having a mobile security awareness program in place is a vital step to assuring sensitive data security.

Also, be careful with whom you connect your device to and what programs you allow to access your device. And remember to report suspicious activity when it happens, which goes a long way toward protecting your company from critical data loss.

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