2012 Forecasted to Be “Banner Year” for Cyber Attacks

According to a forecast by Kroll Inc.’s Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Division, 2012 will see an increase in the targeting of small businesses and social media by cyber criminals. Kroll is also predicting that mobile security threats will reach an all-time high next year.

According to the company, 2011 has taught everyone that no one is safe from a cyber attack. As a result, companies need to be more aggressive in their approach toward defending against security risks, as those not prepared for such attacks will be at the mercy of cyber attackers.

Kroll’s forecast for 2012 includes:

  • As mentioned above, mobile security threats will outpace previous years, reaching an all-time high in 2012.
  • The advent and popularity of social media will lead to it being used increasingly as an avenue for social engineering attacks.
  • Small businesses will become more popular targets for hackers.
  • With the increasing popularity and reliance on cloud computing and services, the attacks upon these servers will also gain in popularity, and even thrive.
  • The government and businesses will have to work together on an increasing level to assure the health of both, especially in the areas of mission-critical infrastructure upon which our country operates.
  • Geo-location technology will be in the spotlight due to increasing privacy concerns and possible cyber attacks that could jeopardize the security used to protect it.
  • Due to their crucial role in emergency preparedness and response, the management and analysis of system crucial logs will garner increasing respect.
  • Also, Incident Response Teams will become increasingly important to standard business operations, taking a permanent seat when it comes to operations and operational security.
  • As usual, areas of vulnerability will be overlooked by companies as regulations are enacted, which will impel improvements to organizational security.
  • While breach notification laws will flounder in the U.S. political theater, they will continue to gain traction outside of this country. This, in turn, will lead to increased cybersecurity abroad, but not much change will occur within the U.S.

For more information about Kroll’s recent forecasts on cybersecurity risks, visit: http://www.techjournalsouth.com/2011/12/cyber-criminals-will-target-small-business-the-cloud-mobile-and-social-networks-in-2012/