Security Gets Tough for Super Bowl XLVI

If you plan on attending Super Bowl XLVI — 46 for those who don’t know their roman numerals — in Indianapolis, Indiana, this year, prepare to be watched. With 80 surveillance cameras, four light helicopters (provided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security), 100 undercover officers, and 3,000 emergency responders, a number that includes police, fire and paramedics, chances are that privacy within the Downtown Indianapolis area will be at an all-time low. If everything goes as planned, all this security will be up and running in the Downtown area from February 2, the Thursday before the big game, until Super Bowl Sunday on February 5.

With assistance from the FBI (who will have about 250 officers present), DEA, Secret Service, Immigration and Custom officers, in addition to local police departments and a plethora of electronic surveillance equipment, it would seem security officials have things well in hand. Add to that the additional copters being utilized by the National Guard, FBI, and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, and anybody looking to cause trouble will have their hands full.

Officials are trying to send a clear message that they are committed to ensuring everyone’s safety during the Super Bowl, as well as during the events leading up to it. And while acts of terrorism are the worst-case scenario, government officials are ready even for that. Officials gathered recently to showcase some of the security equipment to be utilized, such as the various helicopters, Humvees, a variety of command vehicles, and many bomb-detection devices.

Most of the law enforcement officers who will be present will be there to hopefully crack down on more mundane crimes, such as pickpockets and ticket and property counterfeiters. In dealing with fake ticket sellers, handheld scanners will be used to determine if tickets are real or not. Also, a large truck equipped with X-ray capabilities is being utilized to examine vehicles entering a secure 300-foot perimeter that will be set up around Lucas Oil Stadium where the Super Bowl will be held.

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