Issues Predicted to Affect Business Continuity Professionals in 2012

2011 proved to be a year full of natural disasters that dramatically impacted organizations and business continuity managers across the globe. And according to, there was one over-arching theme to the lessons learned during 2011: “repetitive highlighting of the inter-dependencies that exist between organizations within what is now, more than ever, a global supply chain.”

So what can businesses expect in 2012? According to Continuity Central’s editor David Honour, more of the same. Here are several of Honour’s predictions for 2012, in no particular order:

  • “More resources being moved toward resilience and away from reactive business continuity measures.”

Business resilience includes processes having built-in measures designed to prevent process disruption. Being proactive and preventing a downtime event is more appealing than being reactive and waiting for an unfortunate event to take place.

  • “Information security will increasingly be recognized as a major business continuity issue.”

Because cyber and information attacks can cause widespread downtime, as well as potentially damage a business’ reputation, an organization’s very existence can be threatened in this instance. According to Honour, information security will be a top priority in 2012, requiring organizations to invest in a rapidly changing “threat landscape.”

  • “Cloud computing continues to be a ‘disruptive technology.’”

While many non-critical business processes moved to the cloud in 2011, mission-critical organizational areas should also see more movement to the cloud in 2012. According to Honour, “While information security is always going to be a concern, many organizations will discover that in reality their cloud computing provider has a much better security infrastructure than their own existing system does.”

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