Three Trends in Cyber Crime

The call for cybersecurity is at an all-time high as cyber-criminals look for new ways to defeat what security is out there. Businesses must continue to be diligent in their fight against cyber thieves. Below are three cyber attack trends that businesses should be on the lookout for.

1. International Cyber-criminals: Cyber-criminals have gone international, making it harder to track down and stop their illegal and harmful activities. A lack of international collaboration also makes it harder to track down hackers as they attack from multiple locations.

With an estimated $100 billion market in the selling of corporate data, information trading has led to the formation of what many deem a “cyber mafia” — a world-spanning network that strikes from multiple locations. The biggest barrier to defeating these international cyber crime rings are the international governments themselves. Lack of collaboration by those government has led to the current crisis of too little being done to stop this growing problem.

2. Social Media: With the advent of social media and the increasing reliance of our society on it to do business, the perfect opportunity for cyber attacks is created. Consisting mainly of “spear phishing” and socially engineered attacks, cyber-criminals are given the perfect avenue to steal a company’s data.

With a three-fold jump in spear phishing in the past 12 months, it is imperative that companies increase their security efforts, as attacks can come from such mundane, but obvious sources, as an employee’s e-mail. Social engineering attacks have also been on the rise, but at a slower pace.

3. Advanced Persistent Attacks: Attacks that steal data, but do not destroy that data are also on the rise. What makes these attacks so damaging is that such data theft can remain undetected for a long period of time.

This non-detection can also allow hackers to infiltrate a company’s system for longer periods of time, potentially leading to the theft of critical data that a more evident and shorter infiltration might have uncovered. These attacks target specific companies and require an even more advanced protection than usual — protection such as deep packet inspections and network forensics.

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