Population Migration and Climate Change

When thinking about climate change and its outcomes, the first things that come to mind are the economic effects and the drop in the general quality of life that result from the increase of natural disasters tied to a changing environment. Another climate change issue that is usually not talked about in any great detail is migration caused by flooding, mudslides, heat waves, and other issues caused by a changing climate, according to www.ens-newswire.com.

A new Asian Development Bank report recently claimed that climate change will be a major factor in migration, as an upward surge in such population movement is expected in Asia-Pacific nations that are prone to disasters resultant from Earth changes. The report stated that those nations need to act now to avert future humanitarian crises.

With current funds and other resources being inadequate to respond to the task at hand — building a climate-resistant society — disaster officials feel that the only way to affect the necessary changes is to involve both government and the private sector, which would in turn work together to draw investors willing to finance and manage the risks involved. This could be done by introducing sea-level index-based insurance, weather derivatives, and even catastrophe bonds.

The report also advised communities that are threatened by such climate change to improve their current disaster risk management systems. With climate change costs estimated to be at $40 billion through 2050, none of the current environmental funds address migration caused by climate change — a startling fact in light of a report finding that claimed more than 42 million people in the region have been displaced over the past two years. If that trend continues, the number of people displaced by natural disasters resulting from climate change in the Asia-Pacific region could fall into the hundreds of millions.

For more information about how climate change affects migration, visit: http://www.ens-newswire.com/ens/mar2012/2012-03-13-01.html