A Spirit of Cooperation on the Cyber Security Front

At the Second Annual Cyber Security Summit in Prague, Czech Republic, industry insiders and business leaders were targeted — for education and also to bring together business leaders in Europe and worldwide for a discussion about cybersecurity issues. With cyber attacks on the rise during the past year, and with 2012 seeing an even greater increase in the number of such attacks, it is imperative that businesses worldwide work together to fight against intrusions into their crucial systems and the theft of their vital data, according to a report by www.infosecisland.com.

One prominent discussion point presented at the summit, which provided one of the main lessons learned, was that while security experts have a handle on “acceptable” cyber risks, it is business managers who must prioritize that risk when creating the company’s risk mitigation plan. Working together, security staff and managers should create a risk plan that carefully assesses cybersecurity to avoid the loss of critical company and customer data.

Another take-away from the summit included the need for an ongoing security process through onsite inspection, testing, evaluation and correction. Just as cybersecurity threats change over time, this process must be ongoing to stay ahead of hackers and cyber terrorists.

Ultimately, the summit stressed, individual companies must ensure they are properly prepared for future cyber attacks. By working together and sharing lessons learned, companies can better combat the increasing threat of cyber attack to both their inner network and intellectual property. Summits such as the Cyber Security Summit encourage the spirit of cooperation.

For more information about the Cyber Security Summit, visit: http://www.infosecisland.com/blogview/21020-Second-Annual-Cyber-Security-Summit-Prague-Write-up.html