Business Continuity Contingencies in a Crisis

What are the options for a business or organization when a crisis occurs? What steps can be taken to make the whole recovery process easier? Having a shelter in place for your employees, with two days of food and water, along with other considerations such as a place for employees to relieve themselves are considerations. More than likely, though, employees with families will want to go home rather than be at work during a crisis, according to

Also, according to a Harvard University published list, in order for a community to effectively recover, certain items need to be in place, including:

  1. Ordinances for comprehensive recovery plans that involve all entities that are a part of a recovery, including the private sector, non-profit organizations, community volunteers and government agencies.
  2. A post-disaster plan dealing with who will govern in the absence of the normally appointed government and how that government will operate.
  3. Pre-recovery meeting between utility agencies and chief executives of the jurisdiction dealing with decisions about the restoration of services and contingency systems and their deployment.
  4. How housing will be handled in both the short and long term, and also any appropriate zoning regulations that need to be adopted.
  5. An open dialogue with the community and an outreach/information initiative to keep the community and community leaders knowledgeable about recovery efforts.
  6. Establishing a working relationship with FEMA staff and senior state recovery officials to ensure a responsive recovery process through the aid of an appointed liaison.
  7. An economic plan in place to facilitate a fiscal continuity, including such things as relaxed bidding requirements for contractors and increased fiscal authority for the chief administrative officer until such a time as a recovery has been achieved.

And while not all crises can be planned for fully, having a contingency plan in place is the first step toward a full recovery.

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