Aurora: Preparing for a New Homeland Threat

In light of recent events in Aurora, CO, what lessons can law enforcement agencies and first responders learn from the senseless death of 12 innocent people inside a local movie theater? What can be taken away from this tragedy to help prevent another such event from taking place in the future? Oftentimes, the only people who understand such wrong and senseless acts are those who carry them out.

With the focus in recent years on the lone offender, what happened in Aurora leaves officials wondering what exactly they can do to stop such attacks. Most often these individuals carry out their devious plans secretly, with nobody the wiser. How does one stop what they have no clue is about to happen? The answers to such questions can be found in effective crisis management techniques. And while we cannot anticipate all such events, we can prepare in the hopes to lower these types of crises.

First, organizations must realize that eventually a crisis will happen, usually again and again until hard lessons are learned. And while some business owners might think such events will never happen to them they should think again. Who would have predicted that a gun-wielding assailant would have attacked theater goers in Colorado? Looking at a crisis outside of its causes is one way of assessing it. In that way, businesses can prepare for any crisis. So what are the similarities between crises?

  • A crisis is unexpected. Having a contingency plan in place to respond to a crisis in general allows for faster response. The plan can be adjusted to meet the particular variables of the crisis as it happens.
  • Crises cause shock and confusion. Preparing for that inevitable initial shock and constructing ways of dealing with it are crucial.
  • A crisis provides us the opportunity to better ourselves for the next time a crisis happens. Lessons learned from one crisis can help prevent, or at least soften, the impact of the next crisis.

Recognizing the similarities between crises will help crisis managers and crisis preventers plan for the next crisis regardless of what it is.

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