The Failure of the Few Affects the Many

It is only a matter of time before the first shot is fired in the next war, but this time it will not be on a physical battlefield but in the realm of cyberspace. The worst thing about such a war is that the American public and private businesses will be caught in the crossfire. This is mainly due to the current trend of lawmakers, especially in the senate, to completely ignore the fact that time is of the essence. The Senate went into recess without making any headway in the crucial area of our nation’s cybersecurity, according to

Part of the problem they encountered was in deciding how much the government should be able to intrude into the security efforts of private companies. Should resources be used toward developing robust security policies or in meeting government mandated requirements? By walking away with no clear consensus on how to handle these matters, lawmakers have left such questions up in the air.

The sooner that legislation, any legislation, can be enacted, the sooner that lawmakers and private industry can start working on protecting the national infrastructure from cyber attack. As with all laws, this won’t be an overnight success. It will take many years of “smoothing out” what does work and what doesn’t, but that is the nature of government. But inaction is just as bad as passing legislation that might not be in the best interest of private industry.

At the very least, laws protecting vital national infrastructure, such as energy, water, and emergency services, should be enacted. That way we will at least still have those services to depend on. National cybersecurity laws are a serious matter, and something needs to be done about enacting such legislation soon.

Lawmakers are elected to pass legislation that is in the best interest of their constituents, whether that be citizens of the U.S., private businesses, or multi-national corporations. When they fail to do so, especially on the subject of our nation’s cybersecurity, we are all put at risk.

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