5 Tips to Prepare for a Small Outage

Is there such a thing as a small outage? If your system is down or you have no access to the data needed to complete the job, then you might as well be a million miles away from civilization. But there are ways to prepare for this, according to www.datacenterjournal.com.

  1. The best time to check for problems with a system is at peak usage when the system is most strained. This is also the most likely time for an outage, as a circuit might fail under the strain, and the time when a customer most depends on you.
  1. Invest in a good Data Center Infrastructure Management/Monitoring (DCIM) solution. Waiting until an event happens to try and figure out what went wrong is not the time to do so. A DCIM solution allows for the system to be monitored, allowing potential problems to be caught before they get out of hand. It also helps determine where the cause of the problem lies when an event does happen.
  1. Back up data on a regular basis. Backing up data might seem like a waste of time now, but wait until an outage occurs. Then it will pay for itself many times over.
  1. Develop a recovery plan ahead of any outages. Waiting until an outage occurs to ask what to do next will only slow down a recovery and cost both time and money. To circumvent this, determine who needs to be contacted, as well as who should be present at your facilities. Write up procedures to fix potential problems and create a list of service providers on hand. Most importantly, keep all of this information where it can be quickly and easily accessed.
  1. Safety is key. Whatever your recovery plan might be, keep the safety of your employees in mind. If a situation degenerates into a dangerous one, evacuate and reassess at that time.


A recovery plan needs a good assessment when it is developed to find areas of improvement, as well as to determine when policies might be going a little overboard. Streamlining and developing a recovery plan over time allows for actions in the wake of an outage to be calculated, safe, and moreover allow for a quicker recovery.

For more information about how to prepare for an outage, visit: http://www.datacenterjournal.com/it/are-you-prepared-for-the-small-data-center-outages/